Thu, 6th of February


A few from my new series ‘Confluence’

These will be up on my website soon as a full series.

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Thu, 12th of December

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Tue, 26th of November

Came across these gems today. Both date somewhere between 1923 and 1935. I’ll be using them for my Tourisms series.

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Tue, 12th of November

Tumblr Staff: In a matter of hours on Friday, Typhoon Haiyan completely devastated...


In a matter of hours on Friday, Typhoon Haiyan completely devastated parts of the central Philippines. It was one of the strongest storms ever recorded. The death toll is estimated up to 10,000 with hundreds of thousands more displaced. The country has declared a “state of calamity.”

To all our…

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Mon, 4th of November

Ten Tourisms

Experiment number one. Here is a small potential publication I put together today as part of my tourisms series, looking at the art of british travel, especially down here in West Cornwall. Each photograph is one of the ‘top ten’ beaches in Cornwall as recommended by a popular tourist website. The text accompanying it are snippets from ‘reviews’ of the beaches ( I love how you can review a beach ), from TripAdvisor, put together to form a sentence.

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Mon, 4th of November

Frank Chimero

Sun, 3rd of November

The Anti-Photographers by Nancy Foote

"For every photographer who clamors to make it as an artist, there is an artist running a grave risk of turning into a photographer…"

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Sat, 2nd of November


A toaster would be good

The little pub on the corner we couldn’t of done without

He came to the rescue with an allen key for our lad’s bike

No mobile reception

Hoping for some sun

Like a world away from the big bad world

Only two umbrellas!

The sea was full of jellyfish

Schönen Pflanzen

Thu, 31st of October

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A ‘Tourisms’ addition.

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Thu, 24th of October
❝ To be a tourist is in part to dislike tourists (both other tourists and the fact that one is oneself a tourist). Tourists can always find someone more touristy than themselves to sneer at… ❞
—   Culler, J 1990   —
Thu, 17th of October

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Wed, 16th of October

A Birth

Tomorrow I am delving, not deeply but definitely delving, into an almost unknown world; I am shooting digital. After x amount of years being followed round by my mamiya rb67 or hasselblad 501cm, I have chosen to commence shooting with a mamiya 645df, a 40megapixel digital beautiful mamiya. We shall see. We shall indeed see. I literally have never used a digital camera seriously, I have only ever shot transparencies or maybe the occasional ektar or portra. Intriguing. Results to follow. 

Thu, 10th of October


Tourism is now the largest industry in the world. Living and working in Cornwall, I have a small but wonderful insight into the industry here in Britain which has fascinated me ever since I started working at a public garden on the Helford River during the summer months; I subsequently have a first-hand account of the beautiful idiosyncrasies of both Brtitish and foreign visitors to this far-west peninsular. I have become acustomed to the ways of the European visitor, the North-American tourist and those canny English holiday-makers. Although it is perhaps not good manners to make stereotypes, it has to be said that humans tend to self-catagorise when collecting en masse in Cornwall. 

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Tue, 8th of October

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Tallinn tourisms

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Mon, 7th of October

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So, this is the start of my new project I’m undertaking for my MFA this year; it’s called ‘Tourisms’. This side is the potentially humorous capture of brits on holiday and although it is perhaps not good manners to make stereotypes, it has to be said that humans tend to self-catagorise when collecting en masse in Cornwall.  

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